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China automatic knitting machine

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    Yiwu Zhiying Import & Export Co.,Ltd
    Yiwu Zhiying Import & Export Co.,Ltd is a company engaged in textile machinery,spare parts,raw materials and other ralated products trading company.The company is belong to Hangzhou Golden Tech. M&E Co.,Ltd & Shaoxing Jinhao Machinery Co.,Ltd,has many famous enterprises at home and abroad to establish a long-term friendly business relationship.
    The company main product is “Golden” Seamless machine, “Jinhao” Leggings machine,Socks machine,Gloves knitting machine,Flat knitting machine.
    The company with excellent product quality
    advanced technology content and high quality after-sale service,has won the general customer favor,the products sell well in the domestic market and expert to overseas.
    In future,the company will be “depending on the quality
    technology and development of life” business philosophy,and at the same time,according to the market orientaion, sincerely seeking partners, good faith cooperation and seek common development, writing a new chapter in textile machine.
    China automatic knitting machine

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