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AC drive suppliers

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    Company Introduction:
    Nanjing oulu electric corp.,ltd established in 2007,covers an area of about 42,000 square meters. Our company is listed on stock market, the (stock code :871415). We focuses on transmission control and new energy power generation equipment , and it is a high-tech enterprise with business business areas of research and development, production, sales and service. With independent intellectual property rights of industrial automation and control technology, company could quickly provide customers the personalized solutions as the main business idea of company value and customer value to grow together.
    Our products:
    The main products include industrial automation products, new energy equipment and engineering services. Industrial products include high efficiency and energy saving of low-voltage inverter, servo motor and drive products, products support low and middle voltage input for different industry conditions of energy saving and automatic control applications to provide solutions. Products are widely used in printing machine, CNC, plastics, pharmaceutical, paper, textile, dyeing, food, rubber, oil, mining, metallurgy, fan pumps, other mechanical and electrical transmission control and motor energy saving field.
    New energy of application engineering services include hybrid wind and solar generation system, solar pumping system, hybrid wind and solar street lamp, and other application system; new energy power supply equipment include wind generator, controller, off-grid and on-grid inverter ,and other equipment. Small and medium wind generation includes FD series of standard small and medium wind generators, FA Series of mini wind turbine, FN Series of pastoral household wind generators, etc. All of wind generation products are independently developed and researched, successfully introduced to the market.
    Company History:
    2007 Year Nanjing Oulu Electric Co., Ltd. was established
    2008 Year manufacture energy saving products
    2009 Year research and manufacture new energy product
    2010 Year Won the “Jiangsu Famous Trademark" honor
    2011 Year Obtain copyright and patents for all products
    2013 Year Won “Chinese high-technique" &
    “Nanjing technique centre" honor
    2014 Year Obtain National torch plan project
    2016 Year enter stock market
    Our team:
    Our company have 248 workers and our R&D team is 10 person. And 80% of employees of a college education,and has and high-quality management team and highly innovative capabilities of the technology research development team. We hold all kinds of test and activities for workers.
    Our Factory workshop:
    One of our workshop is used for frequency inverter production,which engaged in processing technology enterprises. At the beginning of the establishment of a high starting point, technology and innovation combined Purpose; high-quality, high-tech, high efficiency business philosophy, the high-quality products and quality service to customers, Achieve win-win.
    The main equipment is High temperature aging room,frequency Inverter load test bench, Fluke multimeter, Oscilloscope and so on. and equipped with a series of automated secondary processing equipment, high precision, high efficiency to complete the mass of industrial products
    Wind turbine generator workshop use The main equipment is imported multi-axis machining centers, automatic lathes, multi-axis multi-power head CNC lathes, high-precision milling bed, use high quality permanent magnet,Hydraulic Press, use imported from Japan NSK bearings,durable up to 20 years. Use of rare earth NdFeB permanent magnet, high efficiency and light weight ,lower energy consumption,high output power.
    Certificate and HonorAC drive suppliers
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